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Plant Manager

The person in this position has the responsibility for the overall management, direction and coordination of plant operations. This includes delivery of finished product and carrying out production objectives at the lowest cost while meeting quality control standards all in a safe working environment.

The Plant Manager reports to a General Manager or an Operations Manager. Reporting to this position are production, maintenance, delivery, quality control, and administrative personnel. This person must work closely with sales personnel in order to meet sales objectives and customer requirements. Teamwork with company supervisors, peers, and subordinates is a must.


Administers and supervises the application of plant policies that are consistent with   

Company policy. Oversees the entire operation including procurement and use of raw materials, production and quality control of finished goods, timely delivery of products to customers, customer service, staffing of the plant, and safety programs.

  • Has overall P&L responsibility for assigned plant and submits quarterly P&L analysis to supervisor. Has overall fiduciary responsibility for assigned plant.
  • Develops manufacturing schedules based on sales requirements and plant capacity. Purchases raw materials and manufacturing supplies. Establishes and implements warehouse plans and maintains inventory at appropriate levels. Controls cost of finished product by properly purchasing raw materials, and carefully reviewing production, labor, warehousing and shipping costs.
  • Consults the General or Operations Manager on production methods, pay rates, safety programs, and quality control. Prepares the annual operating budget and capital expenditures budget. Reviews and submits payroll as directed for payment.
  • Reviews all plant and office personnel according to company policy. Follows

      through on all matters warranting disciplinary action after consulting with his/her

      superior. Recommends rate changes for hourly assigned personnel. Ensures that

      dispatching, audit procedures, payroll reports, and other office procedures are

      according to Company policy and consistent with Company  standards.

  • Maintains a continued emphasis on controlling raw material variances, especially

                        through control of cement usage, bag breakage and waste.

  • Establishes and maintains an accident free work environment. Conducts monthly

      safety meetings and inspections and provides required training following

      established company, OSHA, and EPA policies and requirements.

  • Prepares reports, maintains files, and displays certificates as required or ordered by regulatory agencies, professional consultants, and/or Company officials.
  • Ensures an effective quality control program is in place and follows

      through daily to ensure plant compliance.

  • Oversees the maintenance of buildings, grounds, and equipment. Reviews preventive

        maintenance program and its effectiveness, making necessary changes for improvement.

        Ensures compliance with Company policy.

  • Maintains and reviews daily dryer logs, dust collector logs, maintenance sheets, and

        production reports.

  • Leads weekly Monday Morning Plant/Sales Meetings.
  • Emphasizes the importance of customer service by visiting customer stores on a regular

        basis to ensure any problems with delivery or product appearance are promptly

        resolved and reflect the high standards established by the QUIKRETE Companies.

Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  • Supervisory/management experience required.
  • Knowledge of general office procedures and accounting helpful.
  • Must have a mechanical aptitude capable of managing and corresponding with maintenance personnel.
  • Must be able to build, maintain and lead a teamwork type environment.
  • Must be able to monitor and manage adequate inventory controls.
  • Must have strong analytical problem solving skills.
  • Must have good communication skills and work well with customers.
  • A four-year college degree and five years related work experience are strongly desired.


  • Varying weather conditions in the local area including: temperature extremes, dust, rain, wind, and snow.
  • Exposure to gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oils, anti-freeze, cement dust, and electrical systems.
  • Hearing protection and respiratory use required in designated locations.
  • Requires the physical endurance to work 50-60 hours per week over a period of 5 to 6 days.
  • Must be able to occasionally travel to company meetings and other plant locations.
  • Requires the ability to climb heights (steps, ladders, and ramp walkways with hand rails).


  • Legs, feet, body and trunk are constantly used to stand, walk, turn, and twist upper body.
  • Requires the ability to constantly use hands and arms to reach, grasp, finger, and feel.
  • Hands, arms, legs, feet body and trunk are occasionally used to climb heights up to 100 feet.
  • Legs, feet, body and trunk are intermittently used to sit, squat, crouch/stoop and bend.
  • It is intermittently required to use hands, arms, legs, feet, body, and trunk to carry, lift/lower, push/pull up to 50 lbs..
  • It is seldom required to carry, lift/lower, push/pull up to 100 lbs.
  • Must have good vision and hearing (corrected if necessary).
  • Must be able to handle the psychological stress of employee supervision, production demands, customer requests, planning and controlling all aspects of plant operations, major equipment breakdowns, and unusual customer demands during the peak season.

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